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We are open!

We’re excited to tell you that, shaken but not stirred, we’re back producing cheese.

After a big clean up on 25th Nov, the factory was back up and running. We’re all working hard to secure the long term future of the business – us, our employees and the unseen people around us helping us out. While the earthquake has undoubtedly presented us with a huge challenge, it is one that we have accepted with a determination to not only survive, but to come back better and stronger!

It will clearly be awhile before things are back to normal, and the new normal may be somewhat different to what we thought it would be, but with the ongoing support of the people around us and the production of our lovely ladies, Kaikoura Cheese will continue to make some of the best cheeses you can find.

Thanks everyone for your love and support!

Daniel, Sarah, Pipi & Coya​

Kaikoura Cheese and Localvore Store

Open 9am - 5pm

45 West End, Kaikoura

We make a range of exceptionally good fresh soft cheese using traditional methods. We use only the very best fresh goat's milk and a lovely supply of fresh Jersey cow's milk from Laugrange Farm.

Observe the cheese-making process at our factory and shop in central Kaikoura, and sample all our own cheeses as well as a range of other NZ cheeses.


You can also find us at these regular Farmer's Markets

Marlborough Farmers Market Sundays 9am - 12pm

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