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Established in 2011, Kaikoura Cheese was borne from a passion for excellent, top-quality wholefood, and wanting to add something of value into the community.

The Christchurch Earthquake resulted in us uprooting our young family and making the move to Kaikoura, with dreams of becoming cheese-making artisans. With no background in farming or cheese-making we had everything to learn. While building our first home - a 10sqm tiny house - we bought our first 3 Saanan milking goats and started practicing the art of making cheese.

Within a year that small herd had grown to 7, and we had set up a small cheese plant on family land under the Kaikoura Mountains. Milking by hand everyday, we soon established our first goat’s milk product - “Te Ma”, a fresh French-style soft cheese. Our hardwork was rewarded in 2013, winning several medals at the NZ Specialty Cheese Awards and gaining significant recognition for our budding brand.

In 2014 we moved into the Kaikoura town centre when a fantastic opportunity arose for bigger production premises including a small retail shop. We really enjoyed fitting out the shop ourselves, using as many recycled and repurposed items as we could find.

Once again all our hardwork and missed holidays were made up for by multiple victories at the 2015 NZ Specialty Cheese Awards. Our new “Tenara” ash-coated goat’s cheese won Champion New Cheese of NZ, a huge accolade and achievement with us being so new to cheese-making.

Our now 50-strong goat herd grazes nearby and is growing every year, aiming to reach 150 goats over the next 3 years. We strive to make the very best cheese and dairy products our land and animals can produce through sustainable farming, while never compromising on quality. Our main goal in life is to have a happy family with a good balance of health and fun - we manage our pasture and stock with the same philosophy.

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Daniel, Sarah, Pipi and Coya Jenkins​​​​​

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